Inventory must be submitted by Fridays for pick up on MONDAYS. Some inventory may be on back order, so please allow for up to 7 days on some items. Your respected team member in charge of inventory will reach out to let you know if anything is on back order.

We ask that we receive 2 Weeks notice is for any request off. This give us time to adjust the schedule for clients. However we do understand last minute specialist appointments may arise. We will do our best to work with you. If you have exceed vacation time/sick days. Time off requests will be denied. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Leah's love language is gifts and gestures. From time to time she loves to surprise her team with little thank you's. Lets get to know you better... Please fill out our team culture. This can be filled out annually.

Do you have valuable feedback that will help us grow as employers? Or beneficial insight on cleaning products? Perhaps even a fun suggestion to boost team moral?

WE WANT TO KNOW! All suggestions can be done confidential, no name, email or link back. If you are un-happy with a situation, you can also fill out this form. We would love to know how we can do better!

Do you need to change your hours? Whether switching from full time or part time, going back to school or needing to decrease your hours. We want to work with you! Please fill out the change request. Any request can take up to 1 week to approve, and 2 weeks to adjust the schedule. When requesting changes please allow for up to 3-4 weeks