Just a little laundry

We get it, sometimes you just need a hand here and there. Filling some gaps to make a little “me time.” Our clients tell us all the time that there are those times in between cleanings when they just need someone to pop in on a busy day and take care of a few things while they’re dealing with life or taking a break. Other clients, frankly, just hate laundry.

That’s why we created Laundry & Light a new quick-clean service designed for those special times when you just need a few things handled. This service is ideal for independent young professionals who are on top of things but have work schedules that can get away from them or it can help our existing clients stay on top of things ahead of their next scheduled maintenance cleaning.

How it Works

Laundry & Light starts at $65 and includes about an hour and a half of professional cleaning time.


We’ll take care of some laundry. You decide what that means. You can throw the wash in on your way to work and we’ll dry it, fold it, and put it away. You can leave it for a wash, dry, fold, and put away. We can even just take care of folding it and putting it away. It’s up to you, we’ll take care of it no matter what you prefer.

Light Cleaning

We will also do some light cleaning while we’re there. We can tackles the dishes while the laundry is in or do some dusting, once again it’s up to you.

Once we’re done, we’ll leave a note to let you know what got done and look forward to your feedback. If you’re ready to lighten your load with Laundry & Light, get in touch to discuss the options available to you today!


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