Five holiday cleanup hacks

No matter how prepared you are, we’re never truly prepared for the cleanup after a big ole Thanksgiving dinner are we? From appliances with cooked-on food to an endless supply of dishes, cookware, and more. Here are five easy tips to help you cutout some of the after-dinner workload.

#1 Tinfoil

Take a couple of sheets of tinfoil and line the bottom of your oven. Tinfoil is oven-safe and helps to catch drippings and keeps your baking sheets grease and mark free. Once you’re finished simply remove it and trash it and you won’t have to clean the oven!

#2 Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is the tinfoil of baking sheets, line your baking pans and sheets with parchment to avoid having to clean them once you’ve finished the baking and warming. Parchment not only reduces the cleanup but it also makes handling and moving baked goods and foods much easier by preventing sticking.

#3 Tablecloth Toss

When all is said and done and the crumbs have fallen, you can save a bunch of extra work by bundling your tablecloth with crumbs, food bits, and mess intact. Give it a shake outside to get rid of the crumbs and mess and drop it in the laundry.

#4 Wrap It Up

Have your leftover containers ready to go so when the eating is done you can quickly pack up the leftovers so you don’t waste the food, can share with guests before they head home, and so you can clear space to make the rest of your cleanup easier.

#5 Green Waste Bins

For the occasion, let your guests know where your waste bins are located and label them so guests can handle their own trash, recycling, and compost. No need to sacrifice the planet, everyone can do their part without dumping all those craps in the garbage instead of the compost!

BONUS: Save Some Work for Us

Make sure you get those sticky bits of food cleaned up and the dishes rinsed but you can always leave it there and book a Holiday cleaning so you can focus on family and leave (most) of the mess to us!


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