Keep the snow (and dirt!) out this winter!

Wow, we got quite a bit of snow this week. and all the forecasts seem to suggest it’s not the last major snow of the season. We’re expecting quite the winter this year, they’re saying it’ll be both cold and snowy.

I think I speak for all of us when I say, let’s cross our fingers they’re wrong (it wouldn’t be the first time!). If you’re dealing with some build-up, get in touch and request a quote, we can get your space cleaned from top to bottom so you can focus on keeping it that way between visits!

Just in case, we should also do what we can to be prepared for winter with a clean and cozy home. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep winter outside and a clean and cozy home on the inside.


Keep driveways and entryways clear. This includes melting ice and preventing build-ups. I recommend an ice melting product rather than salt. Salt gets carried inside and can damage floors. If you have a pet salt can be harmful for their paws. It’s always good to have a “welcome mat” outdoors. Don’t let that mat get buried in snow, be sure to choose a seasonally appropriate and durable outdoor mat.


If you can use your garage as your primary winter entrance, you should. That big ole concrete space is the best way to keep winter out of the living areas of your home. Either way, you still have to keep the garage clean, I recommend a boot tray and a basic mat. If you allow salt, water, and dirt to build-up in the garage it will eventually make it inside. It’s always a great idea to have an entrance mat between the garage and living area.


If you don’t have a garage or are unable to use it as your main entrance, the most important part of making your entrance or foyer winter ready is a large mat or runner. I always recommend a high-quality, adequately sized runner to be sure there’s enough space to let in more than one person at a time. If you don’t have adequate coverage the first person in will likely end up off the mat and on the floor.

Once everyone’s in you should have a high-sided boot tray next to your runner or mat. That way, when the boots come off they can safely thaw without leaving a dirty, salty puddle in your entry.

Sweep salt chunks and other winter debris regularly, vacuum the mats, rinse the boot tray occasionally, and ensure you give the space a mop as needed. Avoiding the broom and mop in your entrance will let winter’s mess escape the entrance and spread through the home.

Whether you’re entering through the garage or entrance you should also have a dry, warm place for mittens, toques, gloves, and scarves where they can dry easily and be ready for the next excursion. In extreme weather or after certain activities you will need a place to hang jackets and coats so they can drip dry without leaving puddles in your entrance. I like hooks with a tray below but you might also consider a tray in your coat closet.


Whether it’s a snowboard, skis, hockey gear, or snowshoes, you should have a designated area where your family’s winter activity equipment can be removed and stored. This extends to sleds and toboggans. When possible you should leave these items outside or store them in a shed.


If Fido isn’t wearing boots, you might want to invest in some to save those cute paws from salt but if not, you should train your dog to remain on the entrance mat until you can use a designated towel to dry their paws. For extra furry friends who enjoy playing in snow, you can avoid the clumping of snow in their fur by investing in a winter jacket for your pets too.


As I looked for some clever ideas online, I found this little nugget from our friends in Australia. One Adelaide-based company recommends a Slipper Basket so once those boots come off there’s a clean, comfy pair of slippers awaiting those cold feet. As you probably know, our friends in Australia are currently dealing with unprecedented wildfires and require our help, consider a donation.

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